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Aww so bummed I had a lovely entry written out and there was an error while I was uploading it :S it went something like:

Hey guys :D I'm actually in a really good mood ( probably because I'm pumped with coffee) I did lots of things today that I'm really happy with :D see I've been doing a lot of procrastinating lately but today cancels out a lot of it :D I went for a jog (first time back on the track since I broke my ankle) , studied maths (and chemistry ) , made a brownie in a mug from a picture recipe ( it was so yummy and great fun to make actually :P ) , printing out the sheet music for 'jar of hearts' by Christina Perrie AND practised it :D I really love it I think it sounds beautiful even if it isn't up to speed yet , I doodled (quite well for a change if I find out how I might post if later) , I watched pitch perfect for the fist time and I have to say it didn't disappoint fat Amy was so funny and I think the end blooper is brilliant! 'Gods punishing you cos your ginger' classic! Hahahaha I also did my push ups , sit ups , and crunches now for the fourth day running :D high five me :D I'm measuring the fattest part of my waist line and from Monday @97cm I have already dropped to 95cm :D if I continue at this rate ill be in shape in no time :D I think all my ':D' faces are a result of the coffee :P

This is a nicely positive blog entry for a change :) I'm not gona tarnish it and pop my little niggler of a worry into the next entry :)

Talk to you later xxxxx

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