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It feels odd putting such personal stuff on the Internet. I'm doing it for two reasons: 1 myself. So I can read over it to understand what I was thinking at the time when I did something or to remember the exact details of what happpened.
2 for other people. I've always wanted to read a blog like this but never found one where nothing is fictional or written for a story but just the plain old truth, along with feelings and insecurities. It's something where I want to make a little difference in someone's life. Even if its one person out of everyone who has read any of my entries to feel like they can relate to me or even see how wrong I am in situations and now know to steer clear of them. I don't know if that makes sense to anyone. It does to me. So I think I'm ready to tell the story of what happened to me one year and one day ago:

My best friend, the one who barfed in a taxi at Halloween, was texting a guy from Lithuania. He wanted to me up with her and do she brought me along with her. We were both really nervous when we met all his friends cis they were really intimidating. They kept speaking Lithuanian so we didn't understand anything! Our parents thought we were at youth group. So when it was over they walked us to youth group and then they pressured me to get with the guys friend. We went down the alley. I was shakin a little. Then he just turned and pushed his tongue into my mouth. Then moved really slowly. Slower than any other guy I ever got with. It was kinda. It was kinda nice :p

Anyway I drifted from the purpose of this story sorry :P the next week Friday 16 dec, we met them agin. This time with the intention of drinking... We told out parents youth group would be over at 11 and net them at 7. We were so giddy. My friend really liked the guy and he was GORGEOUS! The guy I got with was looking for someone to ask to the debs so I was hoping it would be me :) we went to the park. It was freezing cold and I was wearing my nicest clothes that I had ready for Christmas. The lads whipped out a bottle of vodka and started passing it round. Me an my friend drank it raw beacause we thought we were unreal! I couldn't have been any more wrong! We finished the bottle and off the guy went to get another bottle :O me and My friend were already drunk. I remember starting the second bottle but after that its as if I just blinked and BAMM!!

I looked around only to see a white curtain. There was people going round in white uniforms. The first thought I had was I hope my parents don't know! But my heart sank as I heard my mothers voice from a chair beside my bed. She explained that she knew about the park the drink and the boys :/ I was skrewed!

A nurse came over and started giving out to me. Said some people I knew from school were in the park and saw us on our knees with the boys putting their fingers down our throats trying to make us puke. They came over to see if we were ok and said they were terrified when they saw us up close so they called an ambulance. The ambulance people carried us into the ambulance. The girls from school called my friends at youth group who came running across the town. They saw us and thought we were dying. I have never felt so guilty or ashamed of myself to have put them through so much. Then the strangest thing happened. The guy, who was textin my friend, tried to get into my ambulance saying I was his girlfriend. (My friends from youth group told me) and in the ambulance our clothes were cut off us. I find this very embarrassing!! My bra was just snipped through the middle :O all me beautiful Christmas clothes were destroyed :( then when we got to the hospital they had to call in doctors on call and they couldn't pump out stomachs because we had puked too much. We were in the emergency area for 3 hours I was in an hour longer than my friend. My mother said she was terrified, the doctors said they might have to comatose me.

I still find it hard to believe it all happened. It's taken me a year to share it and be ok with it but its still so terrifying. I started blogging because of this story. I needed to get it off my chest but I didn't want to put it on paper incase my parents found it. I'm not putting it on private because I want people to see how easily you can be blinded and how dangerous lust can be!!!

And with that I leave you guys please don't judge me im actually a clever person looking to go into medical research, this can happen to anybody!

Laters :)

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