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Hey guys :)
So it's been a while and I've broken my promise. I promised id write at least once a week. It's hard though to remember all the time. I've also been a little frightened of what I can do on the Internet just because I have false confidence that whoever I'm talking to won't find me... Don't worry nobody found me but it's just a thought that pops into my head sometimes and give me quiet a scare.

Anyway onto more pressing matters. My friends. I know this is awful but I'm going to have a biitch about my closest friends. Dont get me wrong I love them and all but these are just tiny little things that anoy me... 1 is constantly pushing into conversation , getting in the middle of two people, doing everything her sisters do, copy other people's clothes and act really offended when u say u can't go somewhere or do somethig. It's funny the first time round but after the 6th it's just plain frustrating !

2 gives u her opinion, u totally disagree with ur opinion and then she says yeah that's what I'm trying to say and then she says your sentence except jumbles up the words so it like she came up with it herself! Soooo annoying!! Can't she just say what she thinks and stick with it?!?!

3 is complaining about someone else taking her job and not having enough money when her mother comes along and badgers me until I ask my employer to split my job between me and my friend... I get on fine with her and I didn't get a pay cut but we both ended up with noticeably less hours.... The same happened with NY waitressing job and then there was tonight where I had a little tea and coffee stint and low and behold her mother weasels my friends way in!! Arg! I got paid but I don't know if she did? Lol

Ok I understand I might sound very selfish but I just shared 3 jobs with her and she never shared one of hers with me and she has had chances to!! I just don't understand how she keeps thinking it's ok to keep her jobs secret from me and then ask to work with me or even better get her mother to ask..

There we go all out of my system rant is over :) later :)

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