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I'm so excited! I could mist likely probably be getting my cast off tomorrow!! :D maybe now is a good time to finally share how it happened....

So my friend Ella came in to the classroom bursting with this story about an American dream. I didn't know what it was so I asked. She told me her sister and her friends were trying to do it where you bend over, put ur head in your hands, breathe fast for 30 seconds, put ur head up and stop breathing. Then another person pushes on either side of ur throat to stop the air getting to ur lungs. If everything was done correctly u should collapse and "have a dream"

So silly old me said thats not true come on let's try it. So off we went and found ellas sister and friends in the castle and they tried it out on me. next thing I knew I was on the floor looking up at all these people looking down at me... I was confused... Where the f c k am I is all I could say. All the girls were panicking and one of them told me I went down and started shaking and wouldn't respond for a few seconds. I then tried to get up and felt a pain in my ankle. I didn't think much of it at the time and kept walking around on it all day. Eventually the pain became unbearable and I went to the hospital to find I needed a cast for two weeks (subsequently 4 weeks) and that was the last time I would ever try the American dream!

It does work trust me, please don't try it as I learned afterwards it can cause brain damage.

There I said it. Now all I can do is hope they will take my cast off for good tomorrow. later people :)

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