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Yesterday was my mothers birthday. I love my mother. Shes always there for me and when we do fight it's because she's looking out for me :)

Today I had applied maths. 3 of my friends were going to town with me as two had study and one had an errand. I was filled with dissapoinment as I quickly scanned the bus to see if one of the guys in my applied maths were on it but he wasn't to be seen.

I steped in the door of the classroom to be greeted with a ripple of giggles when they saw my crutches (I had hoped to get the cast off two Fridays ago) I looked over at kyle (not his real name) and he was smiling up at me with this big goofy smile. I melted a little inside.

After class when I got out the door I called my friend to see if she wanted a lift home and I could have kicked myself cos it meant I culdnt walk and Kyle and his friends just passed me by.... They didn't wait and then to make things worse my when I finished my call and was walking out on my own my friend Ella came down the ally with her sister who was starting grinds and her mother. I love them and all but I had told them about Kyle and here they were asking where he was and all I could say was he was already gone... I bet it looked like I've been lying about him walking with me like he sometimes does...

I think I'm going tO ask him to the debs but thats ages away yet.... Just gotta keep trying :) thanks p!nk layers people x

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