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My parents took me out to a play tonight in a local venue. It was sort of Halloween themed about this poet called Poe. We had to go up the stairs then down then up then down again because they held different poems and scenes in different places including the courtyard outside.

One performer a youg goodlooking man who like the rest of the cast was wearing an eery outfit and ghostly make up. Before the play started I saw him and locked eyes with him and as ge passed he ge said hello. I didn't think much off it at the time. During his first performance he kept catching my gaze. He had really intense lines and while he was receipting them he just stared at me and I didn't dare break eye contact. It was at the stage where I should have felt uncomfortable but amazingly didn't...

His next two performances he didn't give me a single glance. I don't know what happened to me but I wanted him to look for me and lock eyes again, I was hungry for his stare. Thus has never happened to me before.

After the play I say in a side room in front of a fire. As I am still on crutches my dad fetched me a cup of tea. Very sweet if him :) there were about 6 people in the room and I was dying to go home to watch x factor so u stood up and made my way to my mothers side. Then low and behold! The actor walks in, he got himself some tea then started talking to us! He was asking my about my leg how I had broken it, I had to lie as my mother was beside me, how I managed all the stairs, when I would be getting it off. I was flattered because it felt like he genuinely cared even though he doesn't know me at all!

The conversation didnt last long as my mother had unfortunately picked up on my hint to go home. I had no choice I left without even a name to his beautiful face...

Talk to ya later :)

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